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Long before the cattle trails saw 'drovers' and herds of Longhorns headin' north, the history and heritage of the cowboy had fashioned a breed of hombre that could stand all odds. Since then, the culture of the cowboy has weathered the fickle nature of change, the tedium of time and got down to the hard work of building a nation governed by the spirit of its own free nature - and the world will forever bare the brand of their presence.

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by Tom Lea

by Tom Lea

The roots of the cowboy go back to the very discovery of the new world and Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, the first known European explorer to step onto what would be Texas' soil. Many people, the environs and a long series of related and unrelated events came into play in making the cowboy, the culture and state of mind it has become.

TexianCowboy.com is dedicated to compiling and sharing the southwestern lifestyles' written, musical and artistic accounts of the lives, legends, history and attractions that have brought us to this point in time. We aim to take it from here and offer it to those who follow; that they may better understand who they are, from whom they came and where they are going. We seek to entertain, as well as give birth to the ideas that will help us go forward, better for the experience.

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