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Call fer papers...

"Dry River Country:an anthology of its people, places and events"
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TexianCowboy.com is growing daily. Just back up an' try another site link if one don't work. If you've got the time you can let me know about it here. Either way, your time an' interest is appreciated.

The Ramrod


There's a couple projects a-brewin':

Me an' the boys at conference.

"Dry River Country" is an anthology of legends, lives, stories an' history regardin' the region of Texas from the Big Bend area to San Antone, an' from San Angelo to Del Rio. We're a-lookin' for some help from writers, poets, illustrators an' artists. If you're interested, let me or one of the boys know. We've got writers', artists' and illustrators' guidelines posted to help structure and speed the submission process along. HeritageTexas Press has agreed to handle the project but "Web" Masters an' I'll be takin' care of most of the editing, approving, compilation and other details.


When you come across a word with a linked asterisk (like this: *) after it, click on it to see the definition of the term, or please visit our lingo page and learn the phrases and terms from the horse's mouth, as it were.

Now, let's get down to what brung us here...




Finally, there's Loco Gene. Now if y'all have stuff your a-wantin' to hawk an' sell, Loco's the one you need to contact. A descendant of the Judge Roy Bean legend, he comes by his talents to promote honestly. We don't take money for promotin' an' headin' folks out your way but we sure wanna know what we're a-tawkin' about. Just left-click on his name at the beginnin' of this paragraph and he'll get back to ya.

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